Sunday, 22 August 2010

MIG SOC (second draft)

The second attempt on a design for the 'mig soc' team, yet to add any colour.

Harvest Hoedown Gig Poster

Commissioned by Matthew Harrison / Hometown Show.

MIG SOC (first draft)

requested by the mig soc (metal industrial and gothic) team. A portsmouth university society, for a poster and t-shirt design.
However there were problems with the amount of information displayed - so it was back to the drawing board.

Artist book (Edgar allan Poe inspired)

The Raven, Tell tale heart and the conqueror worm.

Self Portrait

Out of sight, out of mind

Screen printed designs onto cheap Primark Tee's, these were a final piece for the social awareness project.

Orange Kraken screen print

These were pretty much the first screen prints I did in university cant remember the exact date some point early second year. they also came in blue, green and purple.

Title designs for bands

Hang the Bastard

Atempt number two

This is my second attempt at starting a blogger account, I think I'll try actually uploading some work as it may help me keep my blog updated.